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"Primary Directive"
Part 1:  A young woman's wedding is crashed by her cyborg sister.
Part 2:  Jack and the Evans children dig deeper into the mystery of Lena.
Part 3:  Family secrets are revealed.
Part 4:  Lena confronts Dr. Evans.

"Journeyman Years" (Patreon Exclusive!)
Chapter 1: A misunderstanding causes a rift between master and apprentice.
Chapter 2: Master and apprentice are reunited, but not under the best circumstances..
Chapter 3: Master and apprentice achieve a reconciliation. 
Chapter 4:  Simon rethinks his priorities while Antonio struggles to adjust to his new life.
Chapter 5: Simon and Antonio work out the logistics of their impending journey, and save a crippled horse from retirement.
Chapter 6:  Simon and his apprentice finally hit the road, but their journey has a rather unusual beginning...
Chapter 7: Simon and Antonio try to get out of the forest, but last night's visitor wasn't the only supernatural thing out there...

Part 1, Part 2: A young office worker is caught off guard when his boss suddenly goes through an emo-goth fashion phase.

"FHL Insider"
Fictional characters form hockey teams, and anything goes.
#1.    The Jedi Knights vs The Sith Lords, and the Gryffindor Lions vs the Kingdom Heartbreakers.
#2.    The Pallet Town Pikachus face off against the Blue-Green Blastoise to represent their town in the Kanto Regional Hockey Championship.
#3.    (Patreon exclusive!) A team comprised entirely of Vocaloids, the Digital Divas Online, takes the ice.  The Mighty Ducks are concerned about the strange direction the Fandom Hockey League is taking.
#4.    (Patreon exclusive!)  Mickey Mouse is drafted by the Kindgom Heartbreakers.  Minnie Mouse declines comment.
#5.  A Halloween themed tournament gets underway...
#6:  The Halloween Charity Tournament gets delyaed due to an attack by Team Rocket...

"Captain Dodger and the Space Mermaid"
Keeping a Cool Head.   A young cadet is assigned to a prestigious spaceship, but has some doubts about her captain...
Free Whirry:  (Patreon Exclisive!) The Space Mermaid comes across a new spieces of alien, and must keep is safe from pursuers. 

#1.  The audio blog of (fictional) C.I.A operative Amy Marcus.  What does the Central Intelligence Agency get up to in a day?  They replace their bosses with vacuum cleaners and bomb the Pentagon, apparently...

Msc. Shorts

Funeral Pyre (Patreon exclusive) A man reflects on his life during his own funeral.

Love Conquers All.  Two actors find love while trapped under a stage in dire circumstances.

Lucksy (Patreon exclusive!)   A gambler has a sudden change in luck...

MorningsA man begins his day by dealing with his elderly father.

Obi-Serious.  Obi-Wan Kenobi discovers mysteries of the Force while on Tatooine.  A weird, parody trip through IMDB, but the movie nerds out there might catch all the references.

Pride and Wizardry.   Two literary heroines visit a strange world in search of their husbands.  Featuring "Pride and Prejudice", "Anne of Green Gables", "The Cat in the Hat", "Lord of the Rings" and "Where's Waldo?"

 The Batman Movie That Never Was.  Parody of "The Dark Knight Rises" in which Dick Grayson is Batman and his life is basically miserable.

The Little Tempest (Patreon exclusive!) A little mermaid finds love in the wake of a devastating shipwreck.  Featuring 'The Little Mermaid', 'Titanic' and 'The Tempest'.

The Mystery of the Pop Paradox (Patreon exclusive!)  Sherlock Holmes investigates the murder of Lady Gaga.

 Narrations of other authors.

The Black Cat.  Edgar Allen Poe

The Tale of Peter Rabbit (Patreon exclusive)- Beatrix Potter

The Beetle Who Went On His Travels (Patreon exclusive)- Hans Christian Andersen

The Conceited Apple Blossom - (Patreon exclusive)  Hans Christian Andersen

The Nightingale and the Red Rose- (Patreon Exclusive) Oscar Wilde
The Happy Prince- Oscar Wilde

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